Texas vs. Oklahoma Odds

Texas vs. Oklahoma Odds

The annual Texas-Oklahoma rivalry game, also known as the Red River Showdown, is almost always played in the second week of October in Dallas, Texas. The game dates back to 1900 and has been played annually since 1929.

The winner keeps the Golden Hat, a gold ten-gallon cowboy hat trophy, until the next Red River Showdown. Texas leads the all-time series through 2022 with a 63–50–5 record over Oklahoma.

Once legal sports betting arrives in Texas, you can bet on this historic rivalry at any regulated online sportsbook. Here’s how to get a bet down and find the latest odds.

What’s the Texas vs. Oklahoma spread?

See below for current odds on the next Texas vs. Oklahoma game. Click on the odds to go to the sportsbook, create an account and claim your bonus.


Where to bet on Texas vs. Oklahoma

You can bet on the Longhorns or Sooners at any legal and licensed Texas sportsbook. However, when it comes to online sportsbooks, some do college football betting better than others.

Here’s a quick look at the top college football betting sites in the US:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook: User-friendly software, competitive college football game lines, NCAA Football promos that often surround big games and rivalry games.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook: Comprehensive college football game lines and odds, No Sweat Bet promos for college football bets.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook: Competitive odds and college football promos, although most surround the College Football Playoff.
  • Caesars Sportsbook: Makes up for a lack of traditional promos with regular college football odds boosts and must-see lines.

Popular Texas vs. Oklahoma bets

There’s much more to betting on a big rivalry game like this than just picking a winner. You’ll have plenty of betting options available when it comes to betting on Oklahoma vs. Texas.

Here’s a quick look at the most common Red River Showdown betting markets:

Texas vs Oklahoma spread

The NCAAF point spread is a popular betting market because the points tend to even out the betting odds between the two teams. That might mean a better return on your investment on the favorite, or a better chance to win betting on the underdog.

Either way, oddsmakers establish a number of points the favorite is expected to win by and factor those points into the final score to determine a betting winner. The favorite has to win by more than the points. The underdog can either win outright or lose by less than that spread.

Texas was a 5.5-point favorite over Oklahoma at DraftKings Sportsbook for the 2022 Red River Showdown. They covered easily and won the game by 49 points.

In 2018, in one of the best Red River Rivalry games in recent memory, No. 19 ranked Texas was an 8-point underdog to No. 7 ranked Oklahoma.

Texas had a 45–24 lead late in the third quarter, but legendary Sooners QB Kyler Murray led Oklahoma to three straight TDs to tie the game at 45 with two minutes left.

Texas drove the ball in the two-minute drill and kicked a 40-yard game-winning field goal with 14 seconds left. That meant Texas covered.

Texas vs. Oklahoma moneyline

We said there’s more to betting on Oklahoma-Texas than just picking a winner, but sometimes it’s all about picking a winner. The moneyline is where that’s the case.

You pick a winner and book bets at the currently posted moneyline odds. Those odds force you to lay money on the favorite, but they give you the chance to double or even triple your money on the underdog.

Texas won in 2022 with a -270 moneyline that paid $100 for every $270 bet. Had Oklahoma won, the +220 moneyline would have paid $220 for every $100 bet.

Oklahoma vs. Texas over/under odds

The total is also called the over/under. Instead of picking a team, you bet that the total points scored by both teams combined will land over or under a line set by oddsmakers.

The 65-point line was a big one for Oklahoma-Texas in 2022. Texas did its part, scoring 49, but since Oklahoma was shot out, the under came in.

Like the point spread, this line is set at a point where both sides are close to even money odds with a small vig baked in for the books.

Same game parlays for Texas-Oklahoma

This is a new phenomenon in sports betting. Parlays are where you combine two or more bets into one. The difficulty in stringing multiple winners together means the sportsbook odds paid are better than the sum of the individual bets.

Same Game Parlays, like those you’ll find at FanDuel Sportsbook in Texas, let you combine bets from the same game. You can do this for the Red River Showdown combining basic lines with props in states where college football props are available.

Texas-Oklahoma Red River Showdown history

It’s easy to see what started the rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas. After all, the two states border each other.

The two schools started playing football against each other in 1900, before Oklahoma was even a state. Then, they made it an annual thing in 1929 and haven’t missed a year since.

There have been a total of 118 games in the rivalry through 2022. Familiarity breeds contempt, and teams and schools that have met that many times over that many years can build up a lot of animosity.

Texas won 28–2 in the first matchup in 1900, and lead the all-time series with a 63–50–5 record.

The most memorable game in recent history was the 2018 matchup mentioned above. Texas won that game with a last-minute field goal.

However, Oklahoma got its revenge before that season ended. They beat Texas 39–27 in the 2018 Big 12 Championship game.

The two teams have met nine times when one was ranked No. 1 in the country. The No. 1 ranked team has only lost two of those games. Both times it was Texas upsetting a No. 1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners team. First, No. 2 Texas won 28-7 in 1963. Then, No. 5 Texas won 45-35 in 2008.

The game was called the Red River Shootout for years until SBC Communications came on as a sponsor in 2005 and renamed the 100th game in the series the SBC Red River Rivalry.

The Shootout-Rivalry change was made so as not to be seen condoning any gun violence. SBC merged with AT&T the very next year, and it became the AT&T Red River Rivalry. In 2014, it was renamed the AT&T Red River Showdown.

Both schools have other in-state rivals but consider one another their biggest rival, and this game is clearly each school’s most important.

Top 5 Oklahoma vs. Texas football games all-time

There have been a ton of great games in the 122-year rivalry between these two teams. Below are the Top Five Best Oklahoma vs. Texas games in reverse chronological order.

We’ll leave it up to you Sooners and Longhorns fans to decide which was best.

  • 2020 — A quadruple overtime thriller played under COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Oklahoma ultimately edged Texas 53-45.
  • 2018 — A back-and-forth affair that Texas won with a 40-yard field goal with 14 seconds left after blowing a 21-point late third-quarter lead.
  • 2004 — This was No. 2 Oklahoma vs. No. 5 Texas. Oklahoma became the first team to shut out Texas in 24 seasons and a total of 281 games, winning 12-0.
  • 2001 — This was No. 3 Oklahoma against No. 5 Texas. The Sooners won the National Championship and pummeled Texas 63-14 the year before. This time the Longhorns tightened up the ‘D,’ but Oklahoma still won 14-3 in a tight defensive battle.
  • 1984 — This was a matchup between No. 1 Texas and No. 2 Oklahoma that ended in a 15-15 tie.

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