Bet on the Super Bowl online in Texas

Bet on the Super Bowl online in Texas


When Texas legalizes sports gambling, the Super Bowl will be the biggest single-day betting event every year. Online sportsbooks post incredibly creative bets on the teams and players, and hundreds of off-field prop bets from the coin flip to the color of the Gatorade shower

Below you’ll find the best Super Bowl odds posted at the top sportsbooks expected to be available in Texas market plus an explainer on the most common Super Bowl bets.

Current NFL Super Bowl odds

Odds on the next Super Bowl winner are posted at most sportsbooks year round. Once the Super Bowl matchup is set you’ll see the current Super Bowl game lines in the feed below. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook, create a new account and bet.

How to bet on the Super Bowl online from Texas

You can’t bet on Super Bowl Sunday online without setting up an account at one of the legally regulated sportsbooks in Texas (once regulated).

Setting up that account is simple. First, click through to a sportsbook from this page and register a new account. You will be asked to provide the following information.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Username (you pick)
  • Password
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number (for security check).

If Texas follows the lead of other states, you may also be asked to verify your location, since placing a Super Bowl bet will be allowed only within state borders. Sportsbooks may ask you to download a geolocation app to run alongside your sportsbook.

Once you’re in, you can click a link to earn a promo bonus, make an initial deposit and then navigate over to the betting screen where you can highlight the bet you want to make.

If you want to bet on your phone or tablet, download each sportsbook’s dedicated betting app directly from the sportsbook.

Best sportsbooks with Super Bowl promos

For the Super Bowl, each major national sportsbook tries to go above and beyond. It’s their Super Bowl too, and you can spend a lot of time looking through all the different offerings.

Maybe you want to bet on a specific player or outcome. Maybe you want to bet on overtime or if there will be a safety in the Super Bowl. (For those counting, the last Super Bowl safety occurred in Super Bowl XLVII in 2013).

Here’s a look at what the sportsbooks will offer you for the Super Bowl.

  • DraftKings: What started as a fantasy sports site has grown into one of the most prominent online sportsbooks in America. DK stays true to its roots for the Super Bowl, with markets on what players will rack up the most yards, points and touchdowns. In 2022, new users on DraftKings online sportsbook could make a $5 bet on the Super Bowl moneyline and win $280 in credit for use on later bets. DK also offered a chance to win a $1 million bonus bet to use for the game.
  • FanDuel: This is the sportsbook for the fan who wants the entire menu. Another site that started in fantasy sports, FD is all about numbers and has a huge user base. FanDuel TX will wow you with a long list of regular bets on the Super Bowl, like first touchdown scorer and Most Valuable Player. But it will also give you the option of betting the over/under on the longest field goal and whether the game will go to overtime. In years past, every fan who bet just $5 had a chance to earn $1 million in casino credit for later use.
  • Caesars: It doesn’t boast as much sizzle as its competitors, but Caesars Sportsbook makes up for it with steady odds and plenty of options for smart gamblers of all levels. Last year, Caesars offered new players up to a $1,500 deposit match with a promo code and the chance to earn a bonus for betting on 10 pregame props. You’ll also find a deep trove of live bets, plus big odds boosts on the day of the Super Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl odds

Dallas has one of the biggest fanbases in the world, and owner Jerry Jones continues to sink money into the team, expanding its branding and prominence.

Dallas also has the most Super Bowl appearances of any team in the NFC with eight. They’ve won five Super Bowl titles with the most recent in 1996.

Check the latest Cowboys Super Bowl odds at TX sportsbooks

Houston Texans Super Bowl odds

Debuting in 1999, the Texans are still one of the newest teams in the NFL. The Texans have never made the Super Bowl but have made the playoffs six times and won four games.

The Texans have begun building their defense through the NFL Draft and are hoping to grow into true Super Bowl contenders in the coming years. Entering the season, they are generally the longest shot at Texas sportsbooks to make the Super Bowl.

Check the latest Texans Super Bowl odds at TX sportsbooks

Bets you can make on the Super Bowl

The betting options are endless come Super Bowl time. Every player will likely have an over/under total attached to his yardage, sacks, picks or scoring plays.

Don’t forget there’s more than just the final score. Texas sportsbooks will offer odds on the score at the end of the first quarter, halftime and the third quarter. You will be able to bet on your MVP pick, the coin flip and sometimes even the length of the national anthem performance.

But as far as the game itself, there are three main betting lines for the Super Bowl, which are also no different from those found for betting on regular NFL games:

  • Moneyline: It’s the simplest form of betting. You pick the winner without worrying about the score. If the Super Bowl pits the Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs, you can bet on the Cowboys to win. It’s as simple as that. One team will be listed as the favorite, the other the underdog. You’ll get better odds to win the Super Bowl (and a higher payout) if the Cowboys are underdogs. If they win, you win. It’s that simple.
  • Point spread: The point spread is the expected margin of victory by the favorite, set by the sportsbooks to promote wagering on both sides. To go back to our previous example, let’s say the Chiefs are four-point favorites to beat the Cowboys. This will be indicated by a -4 next to the Chiefs in the sportsbook. If you bet on the Cowboys in this example, you win your bet as long as the Cowboys lose by fewer than four or win outright. If you take the Chiefs, you need them to win by more than four.
  • Total: An over/under bet gives you the luxury of not rooting for either team. Instead, you’re cheering for the offenses or defenses to perform. For this bet, Texas sportsbooks will predict a combined final score, like 44.5. You’ll have the choice of betting the over (meaning the teams combine to score more than 44.5 points) or the under (the two teams combine for fewer than 44.5). The odds are usually evenly set for either bet at -110. Thus, a $110 bet will return $100.

Best Super Bowl odds boosts and promos

Texas sportsbooks will break out big promos and boosts for the Super Bowl. You can take advantage whether you’re a new player or you’ve been wagering since Tom Landry was the Cowboys’ coach. Here are some standard promo and boost types.

  • Odds boosts: This is a little extra push for the Super Bowl odds for a player, play or prop bet. It’s usually sportsbook-specific, meaning a Caesars boost won’t be the same as at DraftKings.
  • Bet insurance: Sportsbooks will cover your bet if you lose by guaranteeing insurance on a bet up to a certain amount.
  • Parlay insurance: Same as bet insurance, but now we’re dealing with parlays. This is where the bettor combines multiple bets into one.
  • Special props: America likes the Super Bowl, clearly, and in recent years, Super Bowl prop bets have boomed. Sportsbooks will set lines on the coin toss and national anthem time. These are fun ways to gamify the Super Bowl atmosphere.
  • Crossover bets: While the Super Bowl dominates its weekend, it won’t be alone. Sportsbooks in Texas will offer crossover bets, where you can combine the results of a basketball game that day, say a Dallas Mavericks victory, to go along with your Super Bowl choice.
  • Free to play: These games offer real money possibilities without risking any cash upfront.

Free Super Bowl games

Many of the legal Texas sportsbooks will throw out free Super Bowl games. These give you a chance to win without spending any money.

  • DraftKings Super Bowl Squares: For Super Bowl LVI, this online sportsbook offered $75,000 for a squares game. Many people are familiar with this type of game, which is based on the number of points each team has at the end of each quarter and a 10×10 grid with the numbers 0-9 in each row. If the end of the first quarter is Cowboys 10 and Chiefs 7, and you have the box that intersects at 0 for the Cowboys and 7 for the Chiefs then you win a share of the pot. You can also do this at halftime, at the end of the third quarter and game’s end to find a winner.
  • FanDuel Big Game Bingo: This is a combination of prop bets and bingo. FanDuel will give players cards with 24 Super Bowl and pop culture props. The center square is free. Your card will automatically record every prop bet that hits. You just have to hope those bets all make a horizontal or vertical row. If they do, then you’re a winner.

Super Bowl parlays

A parlay bet links two or more wagers into one. If you bet on the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl and quarterback Dak Prescott to throw a touchdown pass and the Gatorade shower color to be blue, you can combine them all into a parlay.

Thrown together, the sports odds are bigger than if you bet them all individually. That’s more profit for you if the parlay hits. Of course, the bet is now much harder to hit. If any individual leg loses, the larger parlay loses.

Super Bowl alternate lines

If you’re looking at the Super Bowl point spread and feeling iffy, Texas sportsbooks will allow you to set your own line by shifting the spread one way or the other, creating an alternate line. Depending on which way you push the line, you’ll also be enhancing or decreasing your odds.

Live Super Bowl betting

Just because the Super Bowl starts doesn’t mean the betting ends. Texas online sportsbooks will give users the chance to place a bet on the moneyline or spread even after the game begins with the line fluctuating depending on what’s transpired to that point. If you feel a Super Bowl blowout is going to happen or a team is due to recover after a slow start, live betting lets you follow that instinct.

Super Bowl 2023: Time, date and where to watch (TV and live stream)

Super Bowl LVII

  • Gameday:  Sunday, February 12
  • Teams: TBD
  • Game time: 6:30 p.m. ET
  • Stadium: State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona
  • Network: FOX
  • Network streaming: FOX Sports website and FOX Sports App
  • Alternate streaming services (varies by market): Among the options will be the NFL App, HULU+ and LIVE TV, SLING TV, DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV.