Odds Boosts at Texas Sportsbooks

All top sportsbooks offer odds boosts daily and/or weekly, usually for major sports and high-profile events like primetime NBA or NFL Sunday games.

The price enhancement can apply to single bets or parlays. In any case, it can add considerable value to your wager, although some trade-offs are involved.

Here, we’ll outline the best odds boosts at Texas betting sites and discuss this type of promotion in more detail.

Top Texas sportsbooks for odds boost promos

Odds boosts are a staple at all major betting operators. Still, sportsbooks differ widely regarding the frequency and size of the boosts.

Most top sports betting brands will likely storm into the Texas sports betting odds market as soon as it opens for business. Here’s a sample of what the available price boosts might look like.

DraftKings odds boosts

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sportsbook with better odds boosts than DraftKings. Besides straight bet and sports-specific odds boosts, the operator offers parlay profit boosts, mainly targeting the NFL.

DraftKings Sportsbook users can access the dedicated odds boosts page via the top menu. On average, there are five to 10 daily bet boosts, ranging from 10 to 40 percent.

DraftKings online sportsbook is also a prime destination for no-brainer deals—a variation of enhanced odds bonuses. Going into the college hoops season, DK offered 40:1 odds on any team to win its ballgame, boosting moneyline odds to +4000. The catch is that this type of promotion is usually available only to new customers.

  • Regular NFL odds boosts
  • Great no-brainer promotions
  • Boosts for outright winner futures markets
  • Max wager cap usually higher than at other books

FanDuel odds boosts

In the vertical menu, click or tap the thunder-shaped icon labeled “boosts” to find out what the FanDuel app has in store for the day. The daily odds boosts are typically geared toward the NFL and relate to a pre-made combination of props—“game winner” + “QB passing yards” + “passing TDs”—or something along those lines.

Profit boosts are also available on the FanDuel Sportsbook app, but they are less frequent than on its competitors’ sites.

A common feature at FanDuel is the Bet X, Get Y promotion tailored to major sports. This is similar to no-brainer deals. There’s usually a minimum deposit requirement of $5 to $50 and a maximum payout cap of around $200.  At one point, FanDuel was running the promo “Bet $50, win $50” on certain NBA games, whereby bettors would win $50 cash if one of the teams scored a single point.

  • Daily boosts hovering around 40%
  • Great Bet X, Get Y promotions
  • Could add more profit boosts

BetMGM odds boosts

Daily BetMGM odds boosts are marketed as “Lion’s Boosts.” Depending on the schedule, several of these are released per day on the biggest events. In most cases, the boosts are in the 20% range and are offered on straight markets: moneylines and props. Occasionally, BetMGM offers Lion’s Boosts for in-house same game parlays with two or three outcomes.

Enhanced odds are displayed alongside the original odds, so bettors can see how much the prices have increased. It’s a nice touch and something many BetMGM Sports competitors lack.

From time to time, the BetMGM sportsbook site offers cross-sport odds boosts and “specials”— profit boosts for major sports and college leagues. For example, the sportsbook may offer a 10 percent profit boost for parlays featuring picks from the March Madness tournament only.

Bet and Get promotions are also a common sight at BetMGM. It is possible to win $200 just by placing $5 on one of these sure bets.

  • Lots of daily odds boosts
  • Decent value via SGP enhanced odds
  • Plenty of Bet and Get promos

Caesars odds boosts

Caesars offers 35 to 50 daily odds boosts, a market-leading number. Not all of them provide great value, though. Some are associated with longshot props that are difficult to hit, like the exact score of an MLS matchup.

Mostly, enhanced odds are offered for two- or three-leg parlays constructed by Caesars. There is a maximum bet of $102 for a Caesars’ odds boost, which is higher than at other sportsbooks.

Caesars Sportsbook provides price boosts for secondary markets, not just the Big 4 leagues, unlike most of its competitors. You can find many odds boosts on PGA golf odds, UFC odds, soccer odds and NASCAR odds.

The Caesars betting app also offers profit boost tokens for specific sports or bet types. For example, you may receive a 100 percent profit boost token in a four-leg NFL parlay or a 25% profit boost token for college football games. Some limitations may apply, so you should always check the T&C.

  • Most daily boosts of any TX sportsbook
  • High betting cap
  • Lots of odds boosts for exotic markets

What is an odds boost promo?

Odds boosts are a common promotional strategy sportsbooks use to attract more customers. The concept behind odds boosts is simple:  it’s a better price than the industry standard for specific wagers.

Sportsbooks offer enhanced odds promotions for pretty much every type of bet. In addition to moneylines, totals and spreads, they may also cover combo bets, such as same game parlays.

Most odds boost offers are associated with major sports leagues, while niche sports are less targeted. The best deals usually come around for big events. These could include betting on the Super Bowl, World Series odds, Wimbledon odds, US Open golf odds or marquee MMA fights.

The odds boost effectively reduces juice (also known as vig) imposed by the book or even negates it entirely in some cases. This opens the door for positive EVs, which are difficult to find otherwise. The sportsbooks typically impose restrictions, like a payout cap, to limit their exposure to positive value wagers.

With profit boosts, the selection of games is broader, so they are more flexible than odds boosts that apply only to select games. In both cases, you get a better payout for your winning bet.

How do odds boosts work?

The odds boost increases the payout on winning bets. That’s the crux of it. The following points will provide more insight into how profit boosts work.

  • How odds boosts work: Simply put, an odds boost is an overpriced bet. With these short-term promotions, the sportsbook takes a regular bet and increases its odds in favor of the bettors. As a result, your potential payout also increases.
  • Where to find an odds boost in a sportsbook: Depending on the sportsbook, odds boosts should be listed on a dedicated page, accessible from the main lobby.
  • How to claim/use an odds boost: When you click or tap on the enhanced odds market, it will automatically appear on your bet slip. Note that certain wagering limits will probably apply.
  • Which types of bets can you get boosted: No bets are off limits when it comes to odds boosts. Sportsbooks usually offer odds boosts for SGPs, props and moneylines.

NFL odds boosts

NFL betting generates the most volume of any sport or league in the United States, so it only makes sense that the lion’s share of odds boosts today are offered for pro football games.

Odds boosts for the NFL can come in several shapes and sizes. The most straightforward type is the moneyline odds boost. Let’s pretend the Houston Texans are playing the New England Patriots and that the Texans are -107 favorites in our hypothetical matchup. With odds boosts in effect, the sportsbook may up the Texans’ moneyline odds to +110.

Sometimes, sportsbooks offer cross-game NFL parlay odds boosts featuring three teams. For instance, you may get +600 odds for the Texans, the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams to win their respective games on a given NFL Sunday.

NFL odds boosts often tackle props markets. It’s possible to find odds raised from +300 to +375 for Davis Mills to record more than 2.5 touchdown passes or a one-time boost on a single player’s NFL MVP odds.

NBA odds boosts

The NBA action peaks in May and June during the playoffs. That’s when you’ll find the most lucrative NBA odds boosts. There are plenty of opportunities during the regular season, too. The sportsbooks offer NBA odds boosts for single bets but can also span multiple games.

A Texas sportsbook may shift the moneyline odds for the Houston Rockets from +110 to +170. Or you could get enhanced odds for a props SGP that involves several key players from the San Antonio Spurs, like Tre Jones to have more than 3.5 assists and Jakob Poeltl to score more than 10.5 points. If the original betting line for this combination is +264, the boosted one might be +300 or longer.

Sportsbooks often provide no-brainer odds boosts during the NBA Playoffs. Here are a few examples of potential enhanced odds for betting on the NBA Playoffs:

  • 20:1 odds for any team to make a 3-pointer; min bet $10, max bet $200
  • 30:1 odds on either team to win a game 7 in an NBA Conference Finals matchup
  • Spread on any team boosted from -110 to +75
  • Lakers odds boosts — LeBron James to record a triple-double +400

Odds boosts for MLB baseball

MLB odds boosts are offered from the regular season to the World Series. You can find enhanced odds on all MLB bet types, but they will likely involve props markets. For instance, if Justin Verlander’s original pitcher odds were -110, the sportsbook may boost them to even money (+100).

You may also find MLB profit boosts whereby the sportsbook would provide a 10%-20% boost for your 3+ leg parlay that could involve the Texas Rangers and a few other picks.

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College football & college basketball odds boosts

College hoops and football are comprehensively covered in all major sportsbooks. You can expect odds boosts at Texas sportsbooks for all top-tier betting events like March Madness odds and the Big 10 Championship Game in football.

Check out this week’s college football point spreads.

Odds boosts vs. parlays & teasers

Odds boosts, parlays and teasers have one thing in common. They all provide higher payouts than regular straight bets. But this is where the similarities end.

Parlays feature multiple selections and are contingent on all of those selections hitting. If only one of them falls short, the entire parlay fails. That’s why parlays usually have a negative expected value, which implies that you have a smaller chance of winning the bet than the sportsbook’s odds show.

The expected value can be positive with odds boosts, indicating a profit over time. Odds boosts are sometimes used hand in hand with arbitrage betting—a technique that guarantees a profit.

A teaser is a middle ground between a parlay and an odds boost. It provides a bigger payout than odds boosts on single bets but is easier to hit than a regular parlay since the lines are skewed in your favor.

Are odds boosts a good bet?

Not all that glitters is gold. Odds boosts can be worthwhile sometimes, but not always. There are several factors to consider, including the size of the odds boost, its intended market and the restrictions attached.

If it’s a longshot bet you wouldn’t normally place, you should reconsider claiming the odds boost, no matter the increase in payout. In any case, it pays off to shop for lines across multiple sportsbooks. That way, you’ll know where to squeeze out the most value.