MLB World Series Odds

With Texas online sports betting, World Series odds will be front and center with plenty of takers for both Houston Astros’ and Texas Rangers’ odds.

Below check the latest live MLB World Series odds direct from legal online sportsbooks, plus a guide to the best World Series betting sites and how to bet on the World Series online.

Latest World Series odds

When legal sports betting in Texas goes live, you’ll find current World Series betting odds for all 30 MLB teams below. When the World Series is set, you’ll find moneylines, point spreads, and totals odds for each game.


Best betting apps for MLB futures

Different online sportsbooks have different strengths. Some are just easier to use, while others offer more streamlined customer experiences. Below are four of our favorite sportsbooks for betting on baseball and World Series futures in particular.

  • DraftKings Sportsbook: One of the top sportsbooks in the country, DraftKings has made a name for itself with solid customer service, an easy-to-use platform, and a wide variety of bets coupled with competitive odds.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook: Quality is the name of the game for FanDuel. It has a massive selection of betting options for a variety of sports, and its World Series bets are competitive and typically have betting offers and promotions for existing customers.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook: One of the longtime names in the betting world, MGM was quick to build itself into a mobile sports betting powerhouse. BetMGM offers competitive lines, a robust selection of bets, and promos like odds boosts and bonus bets to entice customers come World Series time.
  • Caesars Sportsbook: When you think Las Vegas and betting, you likely think of a place like Caesars Palace. Well, the company’s sportsbook is just as notable as the casino, and it offers some of the most competitive lines for World Series betting in the country.

What can I bet on in the World Series?

  • World Series moneyline bets: It doesn’t get much simpler than this. For any individual game in the World Series, pick which team will win. Your bet will pay out based on the odds at the time of your wager and how much you bet.
  • World Series run line bets: This is the baseball version of the popular point spread bet. Here, the default line is 1.5 runs, which means the favorite needs to win by two or more runs for bets on that side to pay out. The underdog, meanwhile, needs to keep that from happening for run line bets on it to win.
  • World Series over/under bets: Bet on the total combined score of the two teams from a single game. You don’t need to pick which team will win, just whether they will combine to go over or under a line that the sportsbook has set.
  • World Series prop bets: These are side bets on various smaller aspects within a game or series. Examples would be betting on which player will get the most hits, bet on who will win World Series MVP, or bet on how many home runs both teams will combine to hit in a game. The variety can be quite large, so make sure to shop around to find the sportsbook that best fits your needs.
  • Live betting on World Series games: You get to wager on the World Series as the games are taking place. You’ll be able to wager on various prop bets, as well as updated moneylines, totals and run lines, and the odds will shift rapidly depending on what is happening on the field.
  • Picking the winner: This bet doesn’t require you to wager from game to game, but rather pick the overall winner of the World Series. You’ll get the chance to bet on a moneyline format to choose your team.
  • How many total games? This is a lot like the over/under bet for the score of an individual game, but instead of choosing a number of runs, you are deciding if the World Series will finish in over or under a set line, which is almost always 5.5 games.

What are the Vegas World Series odds?

There was once a time when the only legal options for betting on sports in the US were all in Nevada. The odds at Las Vegas sportsbooks became the definite standard here in the United States.

Now that sports betting is legal in an increasing number of states, sportsbooks employ their own expert oddsmakers. These pros use the same data sources and analytical models to develop their odds to release to the public.

The lines are very comparable to any that you’ll find at Las Vegas sportsbooks, and sometimes are even more favorable for a bet you may want to place.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re betting on Vegas odds or just those from a legal and regulated online sportsbook. What matters is that you do your homework, shop around and get the best odds for the bets you plan to make.